Tapera Taperá is a tropical experiment. Its start is unclear, its future uncertain.

For the moment, it is a non-profit library/bookshop/cultural center in a modernist building in downtown São Paulo.

“…undertook many ways and questions…”

How to cope with the disturbing notion that the prevailing global political and economic system is inherently unjust, unstable and - according to a growing consensus – biologically suicidal?

On which terms would one refute the idea that this system resembles a machine that extracts labor, time and fear of ordinary people to concentrate income, wealth and power at the top?

How do we honor longstanding ideals of democracy and republic for which our predecessors fought? Or have we been definitely enslaved? How to preclude larger ecological disasters? Or are we doomed? In any case, among corporations and nation states, what role is left for the individual and the communality?

“…that which is done out of love always takes place beyond good and evil.”

Unsettling thoughts, age that comes, those who have opportunity should consider engaging in the array of ongoing efforts to build spaces of openness and alternative narratives to politics and life.

Tapera Taperá aims to stimulate such processes of individual and collective transformation by raising awareness and self-consciousness. We offer free access to a library of around 2000 political and spiritual masterpieces, literary and academic, ancient and modern, from the East to the West. We host small events, film exhibitions and debates. We render homage for distinguished historical characters, biographies of enlightenment and struggle, women and men, activists and peacemakers, philosophers, religious and political leaders of different spectra.

Let artistic and political clashes energize our flows of permanence and change. Join this rather long walk recalling the words of the Mahatma: “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”